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All files are private and automatically deleted after 2 hours. Free service up to 200 pages.

Repair PDF in few steps

How To Repair PDF

Following are some easy steps where you can repair pdf:

Step 1 :- Upload Your Files

To convert your Word file you need to click “Select Word File” or drag and drop files.

Step 2 :- Download Your PDF

Let the files upload and after they are converted to pdf, you can download files by clicking on “Download PDF” button.


PDF is called as portable document format where they are generally read-only documents. They are used in most places where it is document related. PDF contains text, images, table, hyperlink and sometimes video. You should have a PDF reader to read inside content after pdf repair.

OPDFO is best online tool for organizing documents and repair pdf. It has so many security features where your data is secure, after you get all your documents, the documents of server gets deleted within 2 hours to keep your data secure and safe using this. OPDFO can be accessed from any device so you can use it from anywhere all you need is just a good internet connection also works to fix corrupted pdf.

Advanced Features

Simplest Online Tool

OPDFO provides easiest and cleanest tool to complete most of the work you want in no time. No high-end devices are needed.

Secured Process

All your files which are processed are safe with our tool, we do not keep your data and they are deleted within the 2 hours of span.

Works from Anywhere

As this is a web application it can be accessed from any device which have internet connection and requirement of operating system.

Easy Process

As there are only few steps to you can complete your work instantly without any hustle or paying for expensive software just to use fix pdf.

Our Fast Server

All of your processing is done in our server so that your computer has no need to worry about systems requirement and you can repair damaged pdf.

Provides premium features

As we have made our product to use free, additionally top features are available free only, so that you also no need to pay much.

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