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Resize Image

Resize JPG, PNG, JPEG by defining new height and width pixels.

Change image dimensions in bulk.

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Change the size of image by pixel or by Percentage.

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Resize Images

How To Resize Images

Following Are Some Easy Steps Where You Can Resize Images:

Step 1 :- Upload Your Files

To Resize Images Click Button “Select Files” And Choose File You Want To Resize.

Step 2 :- Choose Resize Option

Select Size From Drop Down Menu or Enter Manually And Click "Submit".

Step 3 :- Download Your Image

Now Click On “Download Image” To Download Your Resized Image.


IMAGE Is A Representation Of A Person Or Thing In Art. You Can Open It On Any Device Which Has Image Supporting Software, Because Images Have Different Types: JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW Etc.

OPDFO Is Considered As One Of The Most Easy And Fastest Online Tool To Resize Image. Also It Has So Many Other Office Tools Which You Can Make Use Of In Daily Life. With Our Security Features The Uploaded Are Also Kept Not For Longer Than 2 Hours And Then Automatically Deleted. The Tools On OIMAGEO Can Be Accessed From Any Device. This Website On Whole In Available On Website So It Is Operating System Independent So You Can Also Work On Mac.

Advanced Features

Online tool for resize image

OIMAGEO provides easiest cleanest tool to resiize image in very less time. Also you can do this on any device.

Secured Process

Our utility app also takes care of your data and it is highly secured with OIMAGEO, and our cloud server also does not keeps your data and deletes.

Device Independent

This web application can do any work from anywhere, so you do not need to worry about device as it works cross platform as image converter.

Simple Process of Resize Image

There are some simple steps which you need to follow to get your resized image online and in less time.

Smooth Server

Our server makes your work smoother, because you do not need to download any software and all of the process are done on our server.

Most features are free

As we have made our product easy and secure for you to resize image free. Top functionality are available free.

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